RuM Corp.(se) is experienced in the Italian localisation of graphic adventures (or, commonly known as the adventure game genre). All the years spent playing ‘point and click’ adventures are probably the best guarantee of the passion which is poured into every single creation – if you need recommendation letters, you can contact a whole crew of mighty pirates, some templar armies ready to take over the world, cursed families that really love to hang black mirrors on their mansion walls and [EMPTY SLOT where you can write a quote from your favourite adventure]. Moreover, the  games which have been already localized (which you can find out more about on this very page) are the best guarantee of credibility and skills.

This page is aimed at anyone who might be interested in it: developers, localisation experts and gamers who might want to find out more about the fantastic graphic adventure world.

Welcome on board!


Why RuM Corp.(se)?

RuM Corps – stop considering the final ‘e’ which has a history of its own – is the nickname the New South Wales Corps gained in the late nineteenth century. Quoting from the most reliable and beloved source in the world (Wikipedia, we love you) you can know that the Corp was created in 1879 and sent to Australia in order to take the newborn English colony under control. Its members were mostly soldiers paroled from military prisons and people who liked to mess things up (politically correct term: ‘troublemakers’). The regiment was named “RuM Corp” after the illegal rum trafficking which most soldiers soon became involved in. So, what about all this? Keep reading, keep reading…

One thing you should always keep in mind is that a vowel might change your lives. So you still don’t believe it, uh? Okay, go asking for an advertising slUt instead of advertising slOt and tell everyone what happens next. A corpse is a dead body. Great, got a sort of alcoholic necrophile disguised as localisation expert! No, wait a minute, it’ll all become clearer. It all stems from ‘Burke & Hare’, a wonderfully British movie which all of you should watch and which tells the story of two men who start selling corpses (and, when needed, also ‘creates’ them) to Edinburgh Medical Faculties, whose anatomy classes wouldn’t go much further without something physical to study and observe. Well, you’re in front of an Italian project of localisation which has been created out of nothing, just like the two body snatchers’ sort of business, in order to face the lack of job opportunities this nice country is stuck into – since Miss Fornero is currently offering no job but the one which involves becoming a sweet Arcore slut (and no vowel mistake here).

Are you looking for a more romantic reason to tell one day to your children when you’ll be telling them about how you had the chance to play tons of adventure games? Okay, here you go: RuM Corp.(se) localizes games which would otherwise start rotting just as a corpse does.