replicaWhen Somi accepted our localisation services for his game, we just couldn’t hold back the joy. This is the kind of game you just can’t ignore. Aside from the fact that Asian devs do it better when it comes to developing such a wide range of exciting and breath-taking games – they have always the upper hand, we told it to the developer, we basically had to admit it – this game gives the opportunity to explore in detail certain dynamics which are submitted to spasmodic control of state authority over the people. It’s nowadays stuff, and it’s more than this.

You’ll play as Tom, a young guy who finds himself stuck somewhere in a fictious country, locked up by an institutional organisation, and forced to peek into someone else’s phone. Sounds pretty funny and thrilling, uh?

Sort of.

What is important is that the choices you make will lead you to specific paths. In a nutshell, every action has equal and opposite reaction. So, which side will you be on? It’s up to you.

Replica, an interactive novel by Somi, will be released pretty soon in its Italian version, provided by us. Stay tuned!

… and don’t mess up with someone else’s phone. 🙂