Quest for Infamy



Are you ready to embark on an Italian quest for infamy? You’d better, since Infamous Quests’ RPG/point and click hybrid is finally coming in its crazy Italian localization!

QFI is the biggest project we’ve ever carried out. What’s been even harder to handle is the three-path structure the adventure is divided into. As you get the chance to play the story as a sorcerer, a brigand or a rogue, the story takes on a different turn according to the player’s choice, involving different missions, characters and solutions. If you think about the ‘path-finding system’ our translation process begins with – that is, taking notes of every comment/dialogue of the game, so that every sentence listed in the script is fully contextualized – you’ll realize how challenging it’s been. Nevertheless, it all took 5 weeks rough for us to be done with the translation.

What we’re sure all of the old fans of the genre will find delightful is the huge amount of references – not only to videogames, but to a wider range of pop-culture fields, including tv series, cartoons, and movies. Not only will you read the narrator making jokes on King’s Quest, Quest for Glory, Space Quest, Shadowgate and Oldboy, but you will also stumble on lines echoing Dr. Who, the Simpsons, the Muppets and a strange movie starring Keanu Reeves whose reference we had to change since the movie has never had an Italian version. So lucky you to have such beautiful nerdy girls working on the Italian localization of your favorite games!

One more thing we hope you’ll appreciate about our work is the transcreation part, which has never been as important as in this case. Monsters, spells, weapons, plants, cities, roads, pubs, and characters themselves: each had his own special name in the original English version and so it will be as for the Italian localization. We didn’t change everything and each time we replaced original names it wasn’t just for the sake of it – that goes without saying. We stuck to those names which were perfect in their original shape and we changed the ones which could sound better to the Italian speaking audience.

That’s basically it. We’ll probably write a more specific post-mortem on QFI localization some time later. In the meantime, stay tuned because the announcement of the official Italian release is coming soon!