Tales Demo

Cover_Tales_copyAlthough our path has led us somewhere else, we proudly recommend this game, whose demo version has been localized by your favourite creepy team.

This is the story of Alfred Walsh, a brand-new librarian on his first day who accidentally unleashes a fearsome curse on the library itself. Gotta fix this mess! But how?
Merlin and many other familiar characters will be next to you in this adventure, as Alfred tries to solve puzzles and the likes in order to stop the curse of Oblivion.

Tales has been conceived by “ApeMarina”, a brilliant Italian team composed of old-school point and click games aficionados. They savantly worked on a quite simple gameplay, but always trying to keep a mysterious tone as for puzzles, locations and characters.

Feel free to give a glance to the page of the game, and give yourself a try by playing the demo, just before sinking into the meanderings of a tale made of tales…