The Marionette

 marionetteThe Marionette, our first Italian localisation, was released at the end of July. It’s time to take a seat and have a closer look at it.

The Marionette is a freeware adventure game developed by Team Effigy and released in English in 2009. Moreover, it won 4 2009 AGS awards (best original story, best background art, best music, best tutorial or documentation). It seems quite an interesting resume, doesn’t it?

The game tells the story of Martin, an ambitious young sculptor, who finds himself stuck in the dreamlike (or we’d better say nightmarish) world of Alice. He knows nothing about this girl who claims to have unfinished business with him and he will have no choice but to find his way out of that mysterious world. All along his journey, Martin will be able to count on Giuseppe’s help, an elusive character who seems to be the only human being inhabiting Alice’s world. The Marionette is much more than a simple ‘point and click’: it arises deep questions about the process of creation and how it might lead you to drastic decisions which will affect your life as well as your beloved one’s. It’s about the paradox of wanting to selflessly give the world an artistic masterpiece to stare at and having to selfishly bury yourself deep in your own world. It’s basically about choices, the ones which have affected Martin’s past and the ones you will have to make during your game experience – a plot which recalls the one sketched by Hudson’s The Novelist.

Localizing The Marionette has been such a great experience: Auriond (the game developer) has been the first one to give our skills a chance and we hope we have paid off part of our debt of gratitude to her. The work has been divided into several parts: firstly, we had to play the whole game just as an ordinary gamer would do; then we took notes of all its different paths – which was more than necessary, since the game has several different endings and almost each dialogue option might lead to a different turn of the story; only after finishing the path-finding process could we start translating all The Marionette lines. Finally, we got the Italian subtitles implemented and could be the first ones to play the Italian version: we obviously found some mistakes that were to be corrected and report them to Auriond. The final step consisted in translating all TM relevant graphic aspects as well (letters, notes, puzzles and the likes), taking care of the Italian game manual and carrying out a final ‘proofgame’ of the whole product.

We have poured our hearts and souls into this project, in an infinite (and kind of creepy) parallel with Martin’s devotion to his art. We hope you will all enjoy our work and keep supporting us!