The Samaritan Paradox

samaritanposter31When Mark J. Lovegrove replied to one of our infamous publisher-stalking-e-mail, we couldn’t believe it. When we saw a small Italian flag appearing on top of the screenshot announcing the development of The Samaritan Paradox on Screen 7 website, we couldn’t believe it either. Now that we’re writing this post and The Samaritan Paradox has been released… Guess what? We still can’t believe it.

We’re very proud of working along with Screen 7, a relatively new-born publisher. The whole process of localizing The Samaritan Paradox has been such a great experience, with Mark supporting us and Petter Ljungqvist keeping up with our questions about any possible aspect of the game.

The Samaritan Paradox is a detective drama which tells the story of lonely cryptologist Ord Salomon. Ord stumbles on Jonatan Bergwall’s last novel, finding a hidden message the three-month-dead author wrote to his daughter Sara. The message says: “There’s one more”. Ord will soon find himself on a quest to discover if there’s a Bergwall’s secret book hidden somewhere, longing to unravel the mystery that seems to keep Sara from living a peaceful life. The Samaritan Paradox stands out for its clever puzzles whose difficulty is just right: some will have you walk to and fro talking to yourself and some others will take but a few minutes to be solved. Moreover, you will control two different characters in two different times, living only apparently different lives.

What about its localization? Well, it’s all been very challenging. It’s like the game summed up the hardest issues for localizers. It has rhyming riddles, hints sewed into the very structure of English words and characters with all kinds of personalities to be mirrored in Italian dialogues. The whole localization project has been quite tough (as well as satisfying) and it took less than two months to be carried out.

The Samaritan Paradox was released on April the 18th. If you want to find out more about the game and maybe even buy a copy, go check its official website.