Our Crew

                            CLAUDIA MUCAVERO

ClaudiaMucaveroShe’s the creative genius of the team and she specifically focuses on transcreations. It means that when you don’t know how to translate an English/French sentence or term which doesn’t have a direct correspondence in Italian (be it a pun or a word which doesn’t really exist in standard English/French), all you have to do is tell her what the deal is; then she will wave her hand at you, silently telling you to be quiet and finally, just like an ancient oracle, she will come up with the most stunning and creative solution ever. She got her Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistic Mediation for Institutions, Trade and Business at the Tuscia University in Viterbo by writing a dissertation titled There’s Nothing as Queer as Folk – Polari: the Lost Antilanguage of Gay Communities. Here she focuses on the so-called Polari (a language spoken by English gay men in 1960s), on its origins and its end, also attempting to translate some excerpts of radio sketches wholly performed in Polari. She’s currently studying to get her Master’s Degree in International Communication Languages and in the meantime works as the pulsing heart of the RuM Corp.se.


foto-cooShe handles the day-to-day administration of the company, so she continuously keep an eye on deadlines, other than boosting the team’s spirits. She studied Ancient Literature at the University “Aldo Moro” in Bari, and she possesses a strong experience in composing poems and novels.



She handles the ‘boring’ part of the work by translating sentences which do have a correspondence in Italian, and she is in charge of the preliminary test of the game. She is a native expert of Romanian language, and she possesses an academic knowledge of English language. She got her Bachelor’s Degree in Technical and Psychological Sciences at the University of Trieste. She’s currently studying to get her Master’s Degree in Atypical and Typical Developmental Psychology at Sapienza University of Rome, apart from her role in the RuM Corp.se team.


JessicaLopilatoShe is the game tester of the team, so she plays the videogame we’re working on over and over and over again in order to take notes of all the different paths, so every translated word would be fully contextualized. Finally, she tests the whole game once it’s been localized and is some kind of a PR – she takes care of all the social stuff. She is currently studying to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at Magna Græcia University of Catanzaro.